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Natural Hair: The First Year's Journey

Night-time Routine

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Night-time Routine

Your night-time routine is crucial to your healthy hair journey. You should be doing steps that are in the best interest of your hair. Your routine will change depending on the hairstyle that you are wearing for that particular week. Also, you may be doing fewer or more steps depending on if it’s a wash and go, braid outs, twist out, buns or even protective styles! However, the basics remain the same throughout everyone’s routine.

The basics are what you should be incorporating in your hair regimen to do every night. Then, you can tailor your regimen for there out to fit your time, hairstyle and hair type. 

Basic Night Routine:
1. Oil Massage - Nightly scalp massages aid in stimulating your hair for hair growth. The massage will promote blood circulation to flow to your scalp follicles. The blood transports nutrients to the various areas of our body. Once our scalp receives the nutrients it is able to do its job more effectively by producing more hair. Also, our sebum production will be functioning at its best to provide the new growth with what it needs to flourish even more.

2. Moisturise if necessary - Our hair strands are naturally dry so it needs moisture consistently. Once you moisturize and seal from wash day, you may not necessarily need to re-moisturize in the week. But, it depends on what your hair needs. If your hair is looking and feeling a little dry or lackluster you can spritz it with a leave-in spray. This moisture will penetrate your hair and replenish it until your next wash day. 

3. Pineapple or banding, if necessary - Depending on the style you have you may pineapple or band your hair. A pineapple is when you pull all your hair to the top of your head into an upside-down ponytail using a satin scrunchie. The scrunchie will keep the hair in one place. In addition, the pineapple will keep all of your curls in one place to maintain your curl pattern. Banding is when you split your hair into sections and wrap satin ties around each section. This will keep your curl pattern stretched and elongated. Once elongated you can preserve the pattern. In addition, it keeps your curls from shrinking up.

4. Sleep with satin - Satin, as opposed to cotton, does not remove moisture. You notice if you sleep on a cotton pillowcase your hair will be dry the next morning. Once your hair is dry it is prone to breakage, single strand knots, split ends and so much more. Sleeping on satin will aid in moisture retention that you need to aid in preserving the style for the week ahead. You should be going to bed at night with a satin scarf tied or a satin cap on your head. Also, you can sleep on satin sheets if you so desire.

What other steps do you have in your night time hair routine when catering to the length and health of your hair?

Quick Wash Days

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Quick Wash Days:

Quick wash days are every naturalistas dream. Wash day may be approaching soon and you have started dreading it. The long deep conditioning, detangling and styling that we may have to endure. So, how do we reduce the time we spend on wash days? Where this is a will there is a way, there is a way truly.

Here are 4 ways to cut your wash days down in half:

1. Section it into two or four - Sections will make your wash days quicker. The smaller sections give you a smaller surface area to work with. Once the area has decreased you are able to do your task better. For example, you can apply your deep conditioner easier if your hair is in two using the praying hands' method. There will be less hair for you to work the product into. Also, less detangling time. No one wants to detangle a whole head of hair in one go because it will be too much work. However, if the hair is in smaller sections then you are able to glide your fingers or comb through quicker to remove your tangles.
2. Do a hot oil treatment the night before - Hot oil treatments provide your hair with the nourishment needed for the upcoming wash day. And, it softens the hair! If you notice after you do your hot oil treatment your hair is soft to the touch. Then, managing it gets easier. Therefore, it will soften your hair to melt the tangles away. So, detangling will be easier as your hair is softer and easier to work with. And, the tangles are easy to catch and remove with your fingers, comb or brush.

3. Deep condition while you shower - No need to sit down scrolling through Instagram while your hair deep conditions. After you apply your deep conditioner thoroughly, place your shower cap over your hair. Then, do a hot shower for about 15 minutes. The steam from your shower will penetrate the hair cap to create the heat underneath it. Then, the cuticles will be raised and the conditioner to seep in. So, you will be killing 2 birds with one stone with a hot shower and successfully deep conditioning.

4. Moisturise in the shower - So after you have rinsed out the deep conditioner, moisturize before leaving the shower. Apply your leave-in conditioner or water-based moisturizer to all of your curls thoroughly to your damp hair. Ensure to leave no strand unturned. After rinsing your hair, it is usually damp and the air is steamy. The combination of your damp hair and the steam from the bathroom will make the leave-in conditioner absorb better into your tresses.

Quicker wash days are important, especially on your lazy days. These are 4 quick tips that you can do to shorten your overall wash days. Any less time to spend in our hair, the better. Also, the less time reduces breakage, split ends and even single strand knots.

What other ways do you shorten your wash day? 

16 Organic Brands and Products to Try Today for Natural Hair

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16 Organic Brands and Products to Try Today for Natural Hair

Most chemicals serve no positive purpose for your hair, so here is a couple you should avoid. Please avoid isopropyl alcohol, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, fragrances, synthetic colors, lead acetate, calcium hydroxide, and there's so many more. You just have to do your own research. Most of these items can be found on Amazon.

Here's a list of the organic brands and products:

  • Darshana Natural Indian Oil

  • Oyin Honey Hemp Hair Conditioner
  • Soultanicals Hair Sorrell Knappylicious Kink Drink
  • Kinky Curly Curling Custard
  • Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Co-wash Conditioning Cleanser
  • Mielle Organics Detangling Co-wash
  • As I Am Twist Defining Cream
  • Bee mine Loved Hair & Scalp Moisturizer
  • Camille Rose Naturals Herbal Tea Seal & Soften
  • Curlisto Repair Styling Cream
  • Curls Blueberry & Mint Tea Scalp Treatment
  • Curls Detangling Dynasty Organic Oil Blend
  • Curly Q’s Curly Q Milkshake
  • Harriette Kokum Butter & Marula Oil Co-wash
  • It’s a curl! Its Bitsy Spirals Baby Curl Moisturizer
  • Aubrey GPB Balancing Protein Shampoo
  • Summer Time Regimen

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    Summer Time Regimen

    Summertime is here ladies! It means more beach trips and vacation trips. Also, we spend more time in our hair and use more products. The sun is getting hotter which is penetrating down on our hair strands which may cause damage. Also, we need more gel to keep the curls at bay, moisturizer to keep our curls penetrated throughout the dry and hot period and shampoo because we are cleansing our hair more frequently.

    During the summer our regimen changes because of the season. We are using products that will combat the current climate and at the same time, it is nourishing our hair strands to beat the heat.

    Here are key steps that you should incorporate into your natural hair regimen for this summer: 

    Cleanse Weekly - It is summer, and we need more styling products to keep our curls curly and our frizz at bay. After a while, the products accumulate on our hair strands and blocks it from being penetrated. Also, the time is hot, and we are sweating like pigs, especially our scalp. Cleansing your scalp will remove all of that from our hair. It will give our hair a fresh start for the upcoming hot week ahead. 

    Deep Condition Weekly - Next, is to deep condition. We spent a week in the sun running errands, going to work, and even the beach. The rays from the sun are penetrating on our hair strands and transferring the heat. After spending a couple of hours in the sun and you touch your hair, it's hawt! The heat will wear down our hair strands similar to the heat from a flat iron. It will do less damage, however, damage none the less. This is why we should deep condition with fortifying ingredients. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that will repair, strengthen and moisturize your hair. You should be deep conditioning your hair every week, especially in the summertime.

    Moisturise Frequently - Moisture is key since your hair strands are parched, especially during this scorching heat summer. Therefore, we need to keep it hydrated throughout this season.  Ensure that when you are moisturizing your hair fo the upcoming week, you are sealing it in. Once you seal it in, it will stay within your hair until the next wash day. And, the moisturizer will act as aa barrier between your hair strands and the sun and reduce the effect the sunrays on it. Please don't forget to use a moisturizer with SPF to keep your curls protected. You can use daily leave-in conditioner storage or refresher curl spray.

    Use A Heavy Styler - Lastly, is styler. During this hot weather, you will need a thicker styler. Eco styler, wet line extreme and gorilla snot gels are thicker styles which will get the job done. A thick style will weigh down your curls however it allows your curls to stay curly during this heat. You can choose to use a little or a lot more productive during this period depending on what you think your hair needs. Also, the thicker the gel, the bigger the barrier between your hair and the sunrays. You may have to repurchase your stylers a lot more frequently this summer.

    Let's enjoy the summer with healthy hair!

    How To Protect Your Natural Hair While Swimming


    How To Protect Your Natural Hair While Swimming:

    It's summer and it’s time to head to the beach, river, lakes, pool, go on vacation or even staycation. Point is, we're all going into some form of water bodies to enjoy ourselves this season. While we are having fun, we often neglect our tresses. Our hair may suffer from damage from the chlorine, saltwater and mineral deposits in the various water. 

    Chlorine is similar to bleach as it is very drying to our scalp and hair. So if we stay for a long period over consecutive days without protecting our hair, our hair will start to take a turn for the worse. Also, saltwater and the mineral deposits will attach to your hair strands are take away the moisture from it. Thus, leaving your hair and scalp dry and brittle and making it prone to damage. And, we all know that moisture is key. To avoid any form of damage, we have to protect our hair while we are swimming. 

    Here are 4 ways to protect your natural hair while swimming:
    1. Drench Your Hair In Conditioner/Deep Conditioner - Firstly you would drench your hair in water (pipe only). Then, apply an inexpensive deep conditioner or conditioner that you don't mind wasting to your hair. Ensure to coat all of your hair strands in it. Then, it's time to swim. The product will act as a barrier on your hair to prevent the water from penetrating it. Thus, reducing any form of damage that it can cause to your tresses. 

    2. Keep Your Hair In Braids/Twist - Another way to protect your natural hair by swimming is to keep your hair in braids or twists.  After you apply your product, place your hair into two or four braids or twists. The braids/twists will keep your natural hair protected while you swim because it acts as a barrier between your hair strands and the water. Also, it reduces the surface area that the water can penetrate because your hair is wrapped against one another.  

    3. Wear Satin Lined Shower Cap - There is a new wave of satin lined shower or swim cap trending within the natural hair sphere. Go ahead and purchase one with great reviews, of course. And, place your crown and glory in it for the next time you decide to enter the water. The cap will keep your hair protected under the cap with the satin lining. It will keep the moisture in your tresses while you frolic in the water. While the outerwear which is rubber will protect your hair as well because there is no way the water can touch your hair.

    4. Keep Your Hair Up - Your ends are the oldest area of your hair. Therefore, they need to be protected at all cost for us to retain our hair length. Placing your hair up, specifically in a bun will keep your ends protected. How? When you place your hair into a bun, you should be wrapping your ends under the bun or cover it with a satin scrunchie. And this protects the water from reaching it. Thus, prevent any form of damage being done to your tresses.

    5. Aftercare - Aftercare is very important when you have natural hair. You want to wash and condition your hair right after swimming. I know that some beauty supply stores do carry swimming shampoos and conditioners that you can try.