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Simple But Fun Things To Remember About Me

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Simple But Fun Things To Remember About Me

  1.  I'm a mom.
  2. I like to travel
  3. My favorite show is Jessica Jones
  4. My favorite movie is Black Panther.
  5. I'm a Christian.
  6. I've been natural 10 years.
  7. I like to sing.
  8. I love thrifting.
  9. I sell on eBay.
  10. I've traveled to 20 states.
  11. My favorite hair product is JBCO.
  12. My least favorite hair product is shea butter.
  13. I like to take photographs of my city.
  14. I have two degrees.
  15. I'm engaged.
  16. I have 10 siblings.
  17. My favorite food is pasta.
  18. I like taking long drives to think.
  19. I like watching the sunset.
  20. My favorite drink is root beer.

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