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Natural Hair Terms

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Natural Hair Terms

Hair porosity- can absorb too much water and hard to retain water

Normal porosity- allows moisture in and easily absorbs it into the hair

Low porosity- it’s hard to absorb moisture, but once its absorbed it stays moisturized.

Hair porosity test- take a clean strand of hair and drop it in a glass of water and wait 3-5 minutes. Hair floats at the top if its low porosity. Hair sinks to the bottom if it’s high porosity. Normal porosity hair floats in the middle.

Pre-poo- applying a conditioning treatment to increase moisture and protect your hair.

LOC method- liquid, oil, cream

LO method- liquid and oil

LCO method- liquid, cream, oil

Moisturizing oils- able to penetrate the hair shaft, best used with water (example: olive oil)

Sealing oil- Seals in the moisture sits on top of the hair (example: JBCO)

Clarifying- removing build-up with shampoo

Condish- conditioner

Holy grail- products that have given great results

Co-wash- wash hair with a moisturizing conditioner

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV )rinse- Used to help close your cuticles and add shine. Used primarily after shampooing.

Big Chop- cutting off relaxed or chemically treated hair and leaving your natural textured hair

Transitioning hair- growing out your relaxed or chemically treated hair while transitioning to you natural textured hair

The line of demarcation- is where your relaxed and chemical treated hair meets your naturally textured hair

TWA (teeny weeny afro)-½ to 1 inch of new growth after your BC

Slip- describes how easy it is to detangle your hair using a certain product

Shingling- used to manually define your hair by applying a leave-in or gel from the root to the tips of your hair by stretching and smoothing sections of your hair.

Regimen- weekly or bi-weekly hair care

Pineappling- a method used to preserve your hair for second-day hair. This method is used by putting your hair in a loose high ponytail.

2nd-day hair- the second day rocking a previous style

Fluff- using your hands to create maximum volume

Essential oils- an oil that comes from a natural substance

Protective styling- a styled used to protect your hair from external elements (example: bun)

Single strand knots- when one hair strand wraps itself around neighboring strands.

Deep condition (DC) it helps to add moisture back into your hair.

Density- how many strands of hair you have on one square inch of your hair. It’s broken down into low, medium, and high density. There are multiple tests to test for hair density (ex: ponytail test and scalp test).

 Please don’t overwhelm yourself. If there are words that you think I should add just comment below.

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