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DIY Herbal Shampoo and Green Tea Rinse

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DIY Herbal Shampoo and Green Tea Rinse

Close up of henna, castile soap, and green tea.
Nupur Henna
Castille Soap
Green Tea
Choice of essential oils
Vitamin E (optional)
An empty container
*You can purchase the Nupur henna and the green tea at your local Indian market. You can purchase the castile soap from Amazon or Etsy. 
1 Tablespoons of Nupur henna (any brand)
1 C of Castille soap
1/4 C carrier oil (I used olive oil)
15-20 drop of essential oil (optional)
Vitamin E oil (optional)

Gather all your supplies. Pour all of your ingredients into a bowl and mix. Pour into your container ( I bought mine at Sally's Beauty Supply).

Close up of henna shampoo.

Close up texture shot of henna shampoo.
*You can add a little shampoo in a smaller jar and freeze the rest for next time. It will last until next wash day.
Apply to your hair and scalp. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. Rinse. This is where I rinse with my green tea rinse. Apply your favorite conditioner. I follow up with a deep conditioner because henna can leave your hair dry.

Please store this mixture in a dry cool place and not in the shower. If you make extra you can store it in the freezer in a sealed tight container and it will last for months. When you need to use it, just thaw it out at room temperature. Please don't place it in the microwave.

Benefits of Henna:
It reduces hair fall
Strengthens hair
Conditions hair
Prevents dry scalp/infections
Adds shine
Naturally colors your hair
Repairs split ends

Benefits of Green Tea:
Stimulates Growth
Helps with Dandruff

Try it out and let me know what happens! Please feel free to ask questions.