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How To Protect Your Natural Hair While Swimming


How To Protect Your Natural Hair While Swimming:

It's summer and it’s time to head to the beach, river, lakes, pool, go on vacation or even staycation. Point is, we're all going into some form of water bodies to enjoy ourselves this season. While we are having fun, we often neglect our tresses. Our hair may suffer from damage from the chlorine, saltwater and mineral deposits in the various water. 

Chlorine is similar to bleach as it is very drying to our scalp and hair. So if we stay for a long period over consecutive days without protecting our hair, our hair will start to take a turn for the worse. Also, saltwater and the mineral deposits will attach to your hair strands are take away the moisture from it. Thus, leaving your hair and scalp dry and brittle and making it prone to damage. And, we all know that moisture is key. To avoid any form of damage, we have to protect our hair while we are swimming. 

Here are 4 ways to protect your natural hair while swimming:
1. Drench Your Hair In Conditioner/Deep Conditioner - Firstly you would drench your hair in water (pipe only). Then, apply an inexpensive deep conditioner or conditioner that you don't mind wasting to your hair. Ensure to coat all of your hair strands in it. Then, it's time to swim. The product will act as a barrier on your hair to prevent the water from penetrating it. Thus, reducing any form of damage that it can cause to your tresses. 

2. Keep Your Hair In Braids/Twist - Another way to protect your natural hair by swimming is to keep your hair in braids or twists.  After you apply your product, place your hair into two or four braids or twists. The braids/twists will keep your natural hair protected while you swim because it acts as a barrier between your hair strands and the water. Also, it reduces the surface area that the water can penetrate because your hair is wrapped against one another.  

3. Wear Satin Lined Shower Cap - There is a new wave of satin lined shower or swim cap trending within the natural hair sphere. Go ahead and purchase one with great reviews, of course. And, place your crown and glory in it for the next time you decide to enter the water. The cap will keep your hair protected under the cap with the satin lining. It will keep the moisture in your tresses while you frolic in the water. While the outerwear which is rubber will protect your hair as well because there is no way the water can touch your hair.

4. Keep Your Hair Up - Your ends are the oldest area of your hair. Therefore, they need to be protected at all cost for us to retain our hair length. Placing your hair up, specifically in a bun will keep your ends protected. How? When you place your hair into a bun, you should be wrapping your ends under the bun or cover it with a satin scrunchie. And this protects the water from reaching it. Thus, prevent any form of damage being done to your tresses.

5. Aftercare - Aftercare is very important when you have natural hair. You want to wash and condition your hair right after swimming. I know that some beauty supply stores do carry swimming shampoos and conditioners that you can try.

Length Retention

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How to Retain Your Length

A lot of naturals complain about how their hair is not growing. However, our hair grows daily. The truth is that you are not retaining your growth. Whether the growth is new i.e. from your roots or old i.e. the ends of your hair, you should be retaining them. Length retention is key in having healthy and “long hair”. We all desire hair that reaches our waist, and we can all get there. How? By employing length retention techniques within our weekly or daily hair regimen. These techniques will preserve your hair as well as promote hair growth. Luckily, there are simple and easy steps to add in your hair regimen.

Here are 3 length retention techniques that you should be doing now:

1) Sleeping on satin lined material – Cotton, as opposed to satin material, removes the moisture that we worked so hard to apply to our tresses. Demoisturised hair is not healthy hair. It will make it prone to breakage, single strand knots and even split ends! And, who wants that? Hence, the naturalista experts recommending sleeping on satin whether it be a pillowcase, sheet, scarf or even a satin cap. Satin aids in you retaining your moisture to prevent any form of harm to your hair. Also, you can even use a satin scrunchie to pull your hair up at night or when you are going out.

2) Finger detangling – Next, is the dreadful finger detangling. I’m not going to lie in the beginning finger detangling is hard. Why? Because it’s your first time doing it so you have to get used to it. Also, there may be a lot of tangles in your hair that will need some extra TLC to be removed. However, it gets better. Finger detangling aids in removing any knots or tangles your hair may have gotten into since your last wash day. But the real key here is to use a conditioner while detangling. Not only will soften your hair but it will melt the tangles away. Lastly, detangling in sections is the best way. It gives you smaller areas so that you can remove all the tangles.

3] Moisturisation using the LOC method – The LOC method is the best moisturization technique for natural hair. Not only does it provide your hair with moisture but it seals it in as well. Firstly, you spritz your hair with liquid i.e. water. You can choose to use a waterbased moisturizer or aloe vera juice. However, water is the best hydration for our tresses. Next, you seal in the hydration with a favorite oil of your choice. It can be olive, castor or even alma oil. The oil will also provide other benefits such as strength and shine to your curls. Lastly, you seal everything in with a cream. You can use any cream that you so desire such as shea or grapeseed butter. It will seal in the moisture and benefits added from the water and oil. As well as layering some of its own.

Length retention is key to having long hair. And, these techniques should be employed daily for your hair to thrive. So what length retention techniques do you use?

Hair Detangler Reviews


Here's a list of hair detanglers that are some of the top detanglers on the market and I want to give you a short review on each of them.

Cantu Coil Calm Detangler 7.5/10

  • the spray bottle can be a bit slippery when trying to handle it.
  • strong scent
Carol's Daughter 4 in 1 combing creme 8.5/10

  • takes a while to detangle
  • it makes it feel moisturizer
  • great slip
  • adds luster
Not Your Mother's Naturals Curl Defining Detangler 3/10
  • the spray bottle is a negative
  • no slip
Shea Moisture Kids Extra Moisturizing Detangler 4/10
  • Lightweight
  • scent is pleasant
  • you have to use too much to create manageability
  • not suitable for thick hair
Taliah Waajid The Great Detangler 5/10
  • not moisturizing
Kinky Curly Knot Today 7/10
  • light scent
  • adds slip
  • product build up
Aunt Jackies Knot on my Watch
  • pleasant scent
  • great slip
  • moisturizer
  • non-greasy
  • doesn't weigh hair down

Everyone's hair texture is different and these products may work differently in your hair. This is just a guide to help you along in your journey.