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Summer Time Regimen

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Summer Time Regimen

Summertime is here ladies! It means more beach trips and vacation trips. Also, we spend more time in our hair and use more products. The sun is getting hotter which is penetrating down on our hair strands which may cause damage. Also, we need more gel to keep the curls at bay, moisturizer to keep our curls penetrated throughout the dry and hot period and shampoo because we are cleansing our hair more frequently.

During the summer our regimen changes because of the season. We are using products that will combat the current climate and at the same time, it is nourishing our hair strands to beat the heat.

Here are key steps that you should incorporate into your natural hair regimen for this summer: 

Cleanse Weekly - It is summer, and we need more styling products to keep our curls curly and our frizz at bay. After a while, the products accumulate on our hair strands and blocks it from being penetrated. Also, the time is hot, and we are sweating like pigs, especially our scalp. Cleansing your scalp will remove all of that from our hair. It will give our hair a fresh start for the upcoming hot week ahead. 

Deep Condition Weekly - Next, is to deep condition. We spent a week in the sun running errands, going to work, and even the beach. The rays from the sun are penetrating on our hair strands and transferring the heat. After spending a couple of hours in the sun and you touch your hair, it's hawt! The heat will wear down our hair strands similar to the heat from a flat iron. It will do less damage, however, damage none the less. This is why we should deep condition with fortifying ingredients. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that will repair, strengthen and moisturize your hair. You should be deep conditioning your hair every week, especially in the summertime.

Moisturise Frequently - Moisture is key since your hair strands are parched, especially during this scorching heat summer. Therefore, we need to keep it hydrated throughout this season.  Ensure that when you are moisturizing your hair fo the upcoming week, you are sealing it in. Once you seal it in, it will stay within your hair until the next wash day. And, the moisturizer will act as aa barrier between your hair strands and the sun and reduce the effect the sunrays on it. Please don't forget to use a moisturizer with SPF to keep your curls protected. You can use daily leave-in conditioner storage or refresher curl spray.

Use A Heavy Styler - Lastly, is styler. During this hot weather, you will need a thicker styler. Eco styler, wet line extreme and gorilla snot gels are thicker styles which will get the job done. A thick style will weigh down your curls however it allows your curls to stay curly during this heat. You can choose to use a little or a lot more productive during this period depending on what you think your hair needs. Also, the thicker the gel, the bigger the barrier between your hair and the sunrays. You may have to repurchase your stylers a lot more frequently this summer.

Let's enjoy the summer with healthy hair!

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