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Quick Wash Days

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Quick Wash Days:

Quick wash days are every naturalistas dream. Wash day may be approaching soon and you have started dreading it. The long deep conditioning, detangling and styling that we may have to endure. So, how do we reduce the time we spend on wash days? Where this is a will there is a way, there is a way truly.

Here are 4 ways to cut your wash days down in half:

1. Section it into two or four - Sections will make your wash days quicker. The smaller sections give you a smaller surface area to work with. Once the area has decreased you are able to do your task better. For example, you can apply your deep conditioner easier if your hair is in two using the praying hands' method. There will be less hair for you to work the product into. Also, less detangling time. No one wants to detangle a whole head of hair in one go because it will be too much work. However, if the hair is in smaller sections then you are able to glide your fingers or comb through quicker to remove your tangles.
2. Do a hot oil treatment the night before - Hot oil treatments provide your hair with the nourishment needed for the upcoming wash day. And, it softens the hair! If you notice after you do your hot oil treatment your hair is soft to the touch. Then, managing it gets easier. Therefore, it will soften your hair to melt the tangles away. So, detangling will be easier as your hair is softer and easier to work with. And, the tangles are easy to catch and remove with your fingers, comb or brush.

3. Deep condition while you shower - No need to sit down scrolling through Instagram while your hair deep conditions. After you apply your deep conditioner thoroughly, place your shower cap over your hair. Then, do a hot shower for about 15 minutes. The steam from your shower will penetrate the hair cap to create the heat underneath it. Then, the cuticles will be raised and the conditioner to seep in. So, you will be killing 2 birds with one stone with a hot shower and successfully deep conditioning.

4. Moisturise in the shower - So after you have rinsed out the deep conditioner, moisturize before leaving the shower. Apply your leave-in conditioner or water-based moisturizer to all of your curls thoroughly to your damp hair. Ensure to leave no strand unturned. After rinsing your hair, it is usually damp and the air is steamy. The combination of your damp hair and the steam from the bathroom will make the leave-in conditioner absorb better into your tresses.

Quicker wash days are important, especially on your lazy days. These are 4 quick tips that you can do to shorten your overall wash days. Any less time to spend in our hair, the better. Also, the less time reduces breakage, split ends and even single strand knots.

What other ways do you shorten your wash day?