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Night-time Routine

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Night-time Routine

Your night-time routine is crucial to your healthy hair journey. You should be doing steps that are in the best interest of your hair. Your routine will change depending on the hairstyle that you are wearing for that particular week. Also, you may be doing fewer or more steps depending on if it’s a wash and go, braid outs, twist out, buns or even protective styles! However, the basics remain the same throughout everyone’s routine.

The basics are what you should be incorporating in your hair regimen to do every night. Then, you can tailor your regimen for there out to fit your time, hairstyle and hair type. 

Basic Night Routine:
1. Oil Massage - Nightly scalp massages aid in stimulating your hair for hair growth. The massage will promote blood circulation to flow to your scalp follicles. The blood transports nutrients to the various areas of our body. Once our scalp receives the nutrients it is able to do its job more effectively by producing more hair. Also, our sebum production will be functioning at its best to provide the new growth with what it needs to flourish even more.

2. Moisturise if necessary - Our hair strands are naturally dry so it needs moisture consistently. Once you moisturize and seal from wash day, you may not necessarily need to re-moisturize in the week. But, it depends on what your hair needs. If your hair is looking and feeling a little dry or lackluster you can spritz it with a leave-in spray. This moisture will penetrate your hair and replenish it until your next wash day. 

3. Pineapple or banding, if necessary - Depending on the style you have you may pineapple or band your hair. A pineapple is when you pull all your hair to the top of your head into an upside-down ponytail using a satin scrunchie. The scrunchie will keep the hair in one place. In addition, the pineapple will keep all of your curls in one place to maintain your curl pattern. Banding is when you split your hair into sections and wrap satin ties around each section. This will keep your curl pattern stretched and elongated. Once elongated you can preserve the pattern. In addition, it keeps your curls from shrinking up.

4. Sleep with satin - Satin, as opposed to cotton, does not remove moisture. You notice if you sleep on a cotton pillowcase your hair will be dry the next morning. Once your hair is dry it is prone to breakage, single strand knots, split ends and so much more. Sleeping on satin will aid in moisture retention that you need to aid in preserving the style for the week ahead. You should be going to bed at night with a satin scarf tied or a satin cap on your head. Also, you can sleep on satin sheets if you so desire.

What other steps do you have in your night time hair routine when catering to the length and health of your hair?