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How To Style Your TWA

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How To Style Your TWA

If you just did the big chop, welcome to the natural hair community newbie. Or if you just want to start over again, you go girl! your TWA stage must be the most frustrating as this is the awkward stage. We feel great with our new hair however we're not sure how to style it. And, it hasn't reached any significant area for us to do the styles that we love by our favorite YouTubers. However, your TWA is very versatile. So, what if it's short? You can have fun with your hair just as much as anyone else.

There are many ways to style your TWA, let’s begin:
1 - Puff - Puffs are a very formal style. if you're thinking about what to do wear to a wedding, work or even a formal party. Place your curls into a puff then lay those baby hairs. Also, if you want to spruce it up you can add flowers, bobby pins, and even headbands!

2 - Wash and go - Wash and Gos are not for any particular length, they are for all. So, if you see your curls start showing up and out honey, slap some gel on and let's go! The shorter the hair, the tighter the curls. The longer the TWA the more elongated the curls are. But, both styles look great. You would just lay those baby edges, air dry within 15 minutes then step right out the door. It's a very cute and chic style perfect for any occasion.

3 - Undercut - Undercuts are still trending within the natural hair community. You can let your local barber or hairdresser do an undercut which is where you would shave the back of your hair, more so towards the end. This is a very chic style. Also, you can add a design into the undercut to give the style more flavor.

4 - Curly mohawk with shaved sides - A style that will never fail is a curly mohawk with shaved sides. You will look cute and badass at the same time.  You would get your sides shaved from the edges of your hair up to your desired length. A clean shaved hairstyle allows you to place designs on the side which will add to the chic of the cut. But, if you shave the side a little you can swoop the sides to form waves. Mohawked styles just are getting more creative still to this day and you can do so much more.

5. Wrap It Up! - You can place your TWA in a wrapped hairstyle. Wraps are great for bad hair days, adding more color to your outfit, trying a new style, for outdoor events, and great for formal events as well. Wraps add to the versatility of your hair within your natural hair regimen. Also, the wraps can be styled in various ways to achieve more styles. Lastly, it comes in different patterns, colors, and designs to add flair to your overlook.

Which one is your favorite?